This is the website of dA JoRMaS - a collective of multimedia artists with emphasis on electronic dance music. dA JoRMaS was formed in 1994 in order to help its members release music and other works through multimedia productions in the Amiga demo scene. The members have also had their own projects and collaborations under different pseudonyms like .jRM, Mulletronic, Tero and Shr888m.

These pages contain information about dA JoRMaS' productions as a demo group, links to the works of individual members of dA JoRMaS and information about the members themselves and their projects.

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dA JoRMaS on Facebook and Twitter

You can follow us on Facebook (dA JoRMaS) and Twitter @dAJoRMaS.

Updated on 2014-02-17 by dA JoRMaS

20 years of dA JoRMaS Party!

To celebrate the 20th birthday of dA JoRMaS, there will be a party in Lauschangriff (Rigaer Str. 103, 10247 Berlin, Germany) on Saturday, March 15, 2014 from 21:00 onwards! The lineup will include Kippu [gabber/breakcore], Hoffi [hardcore], Tero [C64 live!], Naks [tekno/hc] and more. See you there!

Updated on 2014-02-17 by dA JoRMaS

dA JoRMaS 19 years old!

It's the 19th birthday of dA JoRMaS! Congratulations!

Updated on 2013-03-19 by dA JoRMaS

dA JoRMaS 18 years old

On March 19th, 2012, dA JoRMaS becomes 18 years old. Cheers!

Updated on 2012-03-19 by dA JoRMaS

Megane Rellu released at the Finnish Amiga Party 2009

An Amiga 500 40k intro called Megane Rellu reached the 1st place at the Finnish Amiga Party 40k intro competition. Enjoy!

Updated on 2009-12-06 by Vesuri

dA JoRMaS' 15th anniversary

March 19th, 2009 is the 15th anniversary of dA JoRMaS. Congratulations!

Updated on 2009-03-19 by dA JoRMaS

dA JoRMaS 14 years old!


Updated on 2008-03-19 by dA JoRMaS

dA JoRMaS reaches teenage

13 years!

Updated on 2007-05-14 by dA JoRMaS

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